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DIY Mini Mountain Shelf at Crafts Unleashed

The new year urges me to organize better. A few weeks ago I created this mini mountain wood shelf so I can help my sister organize her room better and I just love how it turned out! Create your own mini mountain wood shelf with the tutorial I shared over at Crafts Unleashed! 

DIY wood shelf nursery decor

Watercolor Galaxy Pennant at Crafts Unleashed

Happy New Year folks! How is the year treating you so far? I shared this fun and easy watercolor pennant over at Crafts Unleashed a few days back. I am just loving galaxy watercolor these days - and how easy it is to create with the pens I used!

watercolor galaxy pennant banner

Last Minute DIY Spa Gift Basket at Crafts Unleashed

Looking for a last minute gift idea? Check out how easy it is to assemble and create this last minute DIY Spa Gift Basket. I just love the elements I added on this personalized Spa Gift Basket - for a bath junkie like me, it's one of the most perfect gifts!

DIY Spa Gift Basket

DIY your Own Address Stamps

DIY your own address or name stamps easily with the Silhouette Mint! Please note this page contains affiliate links, which help support this site.

Addressing envelopes is one thing I don't really enjoy doing. I like handlettering them, but when you have more than a few to address, that gets a bit tedious for me. I usually print off stickers so it's easier, but this time around I wanted to personalize it a bit more with my own handlettering for our surname. It's so easy to create your own stamp with the Silhouette Mint! Read on to see how I did it!

address stamp diy your own silhouette mint
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