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Trendy Gem Embossed Coasters at Crafts Unleashed

I love having a variety of coasters to use for home - and I am just loving these trendy gem embossed coasters I just made not too long ago. Don't they just look awesome?

gem embossed coasters

Emoji Pins at Crafts Unleashed

Don't you just love the flair pin trend lately? You can embellish shirts, jackets, bags - the possibilities are nearly endless. I wanted to make some simple emoji flair pins to add to my collection and this brad set was perfect to make into pins!

emoji pins at crafts unleashed

Easy Bath Bombs at Crafts Unleashed

Do you know it's so easy to create your own bath bombs? Yep - I tried making some since it gets expensive to purchase them. I shared how to create them over at Crafts Unleashed. Just look at those beauties!

easy bath bombs at crafts unleashed

Movie Night Treat Bar DIY at Silhouette Blog

Hosting a movie night? These fun treat bar DIYs are sure to take it up a notch! Create them with your Silhouette and don't forget to have a blast. They sure were so fun to make and so easy to assemble.

movie night treat bar DIY at Silhouette Blog

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